Working a PPC Site? (Things you have to know!)

The PTC or Paid to click is an internet based advertising model that acts as an online traffic provider from consumer people, who are aiming to earn money from home. PTC websites act as middlemen because the advertiser pays for displaying ads on the PTC website. And some part of this payment goes directly to the viewer when they view the advertisement. This is a really easy job. People who don’t have any idea or deep knowledge about computer or the internet may start this job and start earning. But like some other businesses it also has some downsides. Because some expert user may write a script which simulates like they are visiting the web pages and clicking on the ad. This is a fraud and resulting in a massive loss of the PTC sites. But today PTC sites uses deep valued coding and hires some security experts to prevent that kind of scam and fraud. If someone caught using a cheating method, their account is banned permanently. And no way can he or she returns to the PTC site with the same credential. And they may charge with Click fraud and face some legal action. So if you are a new user, thinking about joining PTC sites, don’t ever try to cheat them. If caught all the money you earned are gone, with the banning of your account. So play nice, play for long. And make sure to use your earnings to go on a date with some of the beautiful women from your DC Companions, Los Angeles Escorts, or from Wet n’ Wild Escorts.


PTC Sites

Not all PTC sites are good. Sometimes they don’t go up to the mark as they promised. Some of them are fraud. They will delay a long time or cancel your payment withdrawal showing some cases of violation of their Terms & condition. So you have to be sure while making a jump for the available PTC sites in front of you. These are some good PTC Sites too. They are well known for their stability, reliability, profitability and good withdrawal Limit. It is recommended to join these Legit and Good PTC sites that may pass the test of users and time. Some of the sites are NEOBUX, SCARLET CLICKS, and GPT PLANET etc.

CLIXSENSE was one of the best PTC sites but from 15 July 2017, its PTC services are discontinued. Now they only stick to survey. It’s a sad to lose one of the best players from the team.


Modus Operandi

The basic startup methods are basically all same for PTC sites. You need an email address. Then visit the home page of that particular PTC site. Sign up, and then confirm your email address by clicking on the link, they send you in your email inbox. After you verify your email address you need to fill up the profile form. By this, they can have your data, which may use to give you your corresponding survey job. You also need some Electronic cash out accounts like PayPal, Payza, Tango Card, Payoneer, etc. Not all PTC sites support PayPal, so you have to be ready for that too. After all set up properly, then you are ready to work.

The job is simple; they give you a list of sites and the corresponding value for viewing that ad. You have to click and view that ad for a particular time and also do according to their instruction.  You can earn #0.001 to #0.02 in real life experience. But some PTC sites offer survey, which has more amount of money. And also vary according to your performance. All PTC sites offer Daily Checklist Bonus, if you sign in daily, they give you a little bonus amount of money. Then you’re earning from that site is added to your account wallet. Later, when the money is sufficient and up to the mark of their minimum cash out threshold, you can request for cashing out in your corresponding payment account.


Cash out Methods

Their minimum cash out limit for different sites is different. But they are all in the limit of $5-$15. And also they different methods of Electronic cash outs like Payza, Tango Card, Payoneer, etc. Withdrawal requests are processed daily as requested. Your cash out will be entered in the pending queue to be processed and it will be done by usually within 4 to 5 business days. But it may take longer time depending on many circumstances. But Clixsense did not support PayPal now. If you don’t have other Electronic cash out service provider account, it’s recommended to create one new account when you are getting SignUp with Clixsense.

The fee for withdrawing money using different service provider is different. Say if you request $10 cash out via Payoneer, it will take 2-5 days to process and they take $2 as a fee. But withdrawal money using Tango Card, you don’t have to give any fee. It’s free. If you are a United States citizen and want a cheque for your bank account, the first Cheque fee is free, but the next time they will charge you some money. For more details, please visit the FAQ section of their website.


Becoming Successful: The Referral Program

Affiliates Program is the place, where you have better chances to earn good money from PTC sites in little time. The person sign ups under your link called a referral of yours. When you recruit earns at an amount of money, you will earn a generous sign-up commission up to $5. And when they start and finish the survey, you will be receiving a cut of their income. The fact is, the more referral you have, the more chance money earning is increased.

When you open your PTC account, on your main screen once logged in, you may find your own personal referral link. You can find your referral link on your Account Summary section. Send your referral link to friends or a known person, who can be potential referrals. If a new person is joined to the PTC sites through your referral link, that person will work as a personal referral of your account.


Premium Membership

Premium membership also helps the user to increase income from PTC sites. It boosts up to 30-45% increase the value for per click. But unless you are a very serious person, it’s recommended not to become a premium member. When you have the nice amount of referral say 10, then you can go for a Premium membership. The charges are various for different sites on different slabs.


Last Tips

You can also advertise your referral URL on other PTC networks or ad networks. Some old members who used or for advertising their referral get the best amount of money. This is a good trick to be performed and became the master of PPC universe.